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For a great haircut

My barber and me after he finished his masterpiece in Lagos, Portugal.

I went to Lagos, Portugal, and got a the best haircut I’ve gotten in years. I won’t say I went to Lagos to get a haircut, but I did go to Lagos, and I did need a haircut, so I started looking for a barber. Barber shops appear fequently along the sidewalks of Portugal. Prices are cheap. The local men look trim and neat. A perfect chance, as they say, to sample the local wares.

Not, in noting this, to take anything away from the haircuts I usually receive from my wife. Those have the advantage of being free. In addition, her favorite (and only, I might add) customer usually sits without clothing, to keep the nasty little hairs from taking up residence beneath his collar. I often suggest to my wife that she also do her work without clothing, for no other reason than my overwhelming desire to keep her clothing from taking on my haircut. She demurs.

I feel extreme regret that I didn’t ask my Lagos barber’s name, in the excitement of paying 8 Euro (+2E tip) for his fine work, which included two electric passes, a comb-and-scissor round, and a straight razor finish. At home, we use a weed whacker.

In any case, if you should read this and find yourself in Lagos in need of a haircut, by all means visit Barbearia Vieira at Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado No. 38, or call 914-276-427 to find out if he has a line. He takes a break at noon for lunch.