Literary Work


The Lowestoft Chronicle (coming Dec. 1, 2023) – Long Layover

MacQueen’s Quinterly – Magic Men (haibun)

MacQueen’s Quinterly – Pope Wins Easter Egg Hunt (coming, reprint; Fall 2023)

Grey Sparrow Journal – A Little Grief, Please

Defiant Scribe – Pope Wins Easter Egg Hunt

Dark Horses: The Magazine of Weird Fiction – Hatchet Head

The Rush – Fridgehenge

Defenestration (Humor) — Da Vinci Did It: You Can, Too

Wrong Turn Lit – Martini Madness

The Lowestoft Chronicle – One Night Only

Sensitive Skin — Santa Fe Three-way

Bull — Escape Velocity (coming summer 2023)

The Muleskinner Journal – Party of One

Wrong Turn Lit — Ashes to Ashes

Compass Rose Literary — Kiss of Breath


Erozine – Hard to Imagine

MacQueen’s Quinterly — The Big One

Shotgun Honey — Flat Lost It

Quibble / Muddle (Theme) — The Big One

Bending Genres – Oh, Predator and Me

Boomspeak – Evil Bacon

365Tomorrows – Deadlines

Scapegoat Review – Cheater, Rhymes with Eater

Puppy Love – Don’t Feed the Cat (search for page 115)

433 – The Woman Who Hated Bacon 

Mystery Tribune – Every Last Bit 

Dribble Drabble Review – Smile

Soor Ploom Press Anthology (summer) – Beetle

The Birdseed – Fame is Like a Truck

Bloom – Car with Idaho Plates

Versification Zine – Helen (March Madness issue)

Sledgehammer Lit – Orgasm Donor

The Horror Zine – On Deferral

MacQueen’s Quinterly

– Bad Intersection

A Light from Within

Reckon Review – Tired

Horror Sleaze Trash – Speaking in Tongue

Grey Sparrow Journal – Meteor Shower

Paragraph Planet  (75 word limit) – A Guy’s Got Standards (Jan. 18, 2022)

Mystery Tribune – Hobo Heart


Mad Swirl – Howlin’ Howie Moves in Next Door

Five South – Help

The Writing Disorder – Drive-up Christmas Eve

Clever Magazine (humor) – My Failure, Again, to Win the Nobel Prize in Literature

MacQueen’s Quinterly #11 – Anything for You

86 Logic – Driving and Drinking with Dracula (print only, October 2021)

Orgasm Donor – Sledgehammer Lit

The Opiate – Out of Sorts

Blood & Bourbon – Out of Sorts

Horror Sleaze Trash – Bedtime Story

Pulp Modern Flash – Dear Monica

Barzakh – A Thing of Beauty

Potato Soup Journal – Downhill from Here

Yolk – Dinner With the Rockhounds

Erozine – When the Remedy for E.D. is Just a Walk on the Beach

Fewer than 500 – Taco Truckin’

365Tomorrows – Why the Next World War Won’t Start Here

Sledgehammer Lit – Within My Grasp

Sledgehammer Lit – Destination Taco

Wretched Creations – For the Spiders

Flash Boulevard – A Buzzing in Her Ear

Bending Genres – Defending the Home Front

Flash Fiction Magazine – Alone with Her Needs

Danse Macabre – If It Wasn’t Attached

Red Planet Magazine – Chasing the Cartoon Balloons

Sledgehammer Lit – Two Too Many

FEED Literary Magazine – Heat Wave


Revolution John – Lost and Found

Two Hawks Quarterly – Loaded

The Maine Review – Carlos

Wanderlust Journal – Thank You, No


Other Publications

Gorge Happiness Month

Seattle Times: Living in the Shadow of Sexual Abuse

Unsolicited appreciation

Helping the state tell Oregon’s tales

A prize-winning profile of a snow blowin’ stalwart 

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