In the land of mashed, fried and dipped, too many spuds is just an opportunity

New stories up on the webisphere. Check out “A Thing of Beauty” at the Barzakh magazine, a story that I’m quite proud of. Also, a new absurdity at the Potato Soup Journal (yes, that’s its name; got a problem with that?). It’s a fun little tale with an skewed tilt (what else, right?) and made for prime time. Read on.  Check the Writing tab to see links to more stories, if you’re tired of watching “Letterkenny” on Hulu. Was that […]

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It’s not that hard to just do nothing — and enjoy it

Even though I am what is called “retired,” my life often reflects a frenetic quality. Not yesterday. On Monday, April 12, 2021 — a day that shall go down in … well, not infamy, but perhaps novelty? — I did pretty much nothing. I sat on my ass and worked on writing projects with my laptop computer. From the minute I got up, made coffee, fed myself a warmed-over blue corn donut from Whoo’s here in Santa Fe (where my […]

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Responding to a response to a response to a letter sent to the world

I’m not much of a social media person. I like direct contact, which is why I will fire off an e-mail note to someone whose work or other actions has been particularly impressive. I believe in saying “thanks.” When I recently read a letter to the editor in The New Yorker, I enjoyed the sentiments and felt a parallel with my own experience. So I looked up the writer, and found a web page (so old-school, right?), and (egads!) contact […]

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A pill too far, and other replacements for the joys of life

Last night, I wrote to a friend who brings marvelous energy and thought to a monthly gathering of “men” from our church. I am one of them. I took his invitation to a forthcoming Zoom meeting as prompt to rant. For future excavators of my thoughts, they are offered in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, our local fall forest fire situation that has put us beneath a cloud of smoke for the last week, the growing political divide, […]

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The finest line

When is it abuse, and when is it guided introduction to the mysteries of life? When is it “criminal,” and when is it a rite of passage? There’s a fine line between the two. A sense of gratitude on the part of the student probably tilts the answer. Follow this link to read a recent examination of such an experience, published in The Maine Review.

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Letter to my son and his lady friend after a long and late night with

Dear Max and Hannah (please share this with her; I don’t have her e-mail), We’re alive. Up, finally, and pouring coffee to the veins. Arrived home at 11:30, then decompressed with whiskey and snacks until 1, then bed. Ugh. Long day, but so worth it. Wanted again to thank you both for the lovely gift of art (performance art). It was magical, to see a live performance of the play, so well done, with such good company. On that note, […]

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July 2021