New publications all over the map …

… but when it’s a digital map, it’s right in your lap.

So fun to have a new short story (remember, this is fiction, not auto-biography, ahem) in Horror Sleaze Trash. Yes, that’s the name of the publication. They like to push the limits, and saw my work as a perfect fit. The story is titled “Bedtime Story.” It’s absurd. It’s winky kinky. It’s just another night at home with the family, dad telling his same old stories about him and his wife and when they went where … well, you’ll just have to read it.

Also happy to have another piece accepted by J. Archer Avary and the crew at Sledgehammer Lit. I’ve had several placements at their site during the last year. The newest acceptance won’t appear until January 2022, but I wanted to tip you off so you can stop doing anything else, mix a stout cocktail, and settle down to wait. Just wait. It’s a piece titled “Orgasm Donor.” Like a blood donor or a kidney donor — only different.

Coming out soon at The Opiate, a slightly longer piece about numb-nuts family feuding over the scraps left by dear old dead. Dad, I mean, dear old dead Dad.

Also on approach, the same piece in the print version of Blood & Bourbon. When I have a fresher link to share, I’ll post it here.

What else? OMG, I don’t think I told you about my piece in the Potato Soup Journal (hey, how many of you can say you’ve had work in the PSJ, let alone the PB&J?). It’s called “Downhill from Here,” and it’s absurd. Dive in. You might enjoy the ride.

All of this is free to you, BTW, so thanks again to all the lit-loving editors out there who have seen something worth sharing in my efforts. It’s a dance driven by loads of love.

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