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Proud to find a place at the Bull stable of chiseled chompers

Couples come in different shapes, sizes, colors.

Big fat smile on my face, to have new work at the lovely Bull site. As Senior Senior Editor of Editing Stuff & Things The Drevlow notes, this hybrid pub is “dedicated to examining the evolution of modern masculinity.”

“Exit Velocity” emerged from an image — of a ratty old house trailer, sitting in desert dirt. This happens frequently with me. I love road trips and locking in on something strange, lost, bottomless out in the middle of nowhere. I’m always thinking, “What in the hell is life like inside that piece of shit … habitation?”

In this case, everything beyond the trailer, which is everywhere and nowhere in particular, was entirely made up. Although I had a few real people in mind when I fleshed out the cast and conjured an alligator for a starring role.