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Resurrected online mag Defiant Scribe welcomes my wacky wit

The barriers to entry in online literary publishing are invitingly low. Build a website. Put out a call for submissions. Accept a few of the better ones and push “publish.”

Maybe a few people other than the writers will show up and read some of the work. Likely not.

An oversimplification, perhaps, but close to the current reality. Some come. Some stay. Some go.

Defiant Scribe had a healthy run in the mid-to-late teens, published 20 editions, then took a hiatus. It’s back, the first resurrection issue out this spring. To show the perspicacity and taste of its editors, it has now accepted a slightly irreverent tale of mine, titled “Pope Wins Easter Egg Hunt.”

This is fiction. It hasn’t happened — yet. It could. Now that my story has been published, maybe I should call the Vatican and see if I could turn it into non-fiction. Or not.