Responding to a response to a response to a letter sent to the world

I’m not much of a social media person. I like direct contact, which is why I will fire off an e-mail note to someone whose work or other actions has been particularly impressive. I believe in saying “thanks.” When I recently read a letter to the editor in The New Yorker, I enjoyed the sentiments and felt a parallel with my own experience. So I looked up the writer, and found a web page (so old-school, right?), and (egads!) contact […]

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Two Hawks Quarterly features my story “Loaded”

So happy and proud that the editing team at Two Hawks Quarterly found merit in my short story “Loaded,” and have included it in the spring 2020 edition. Check it out.

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If you haven’t, by all means take time to read Alice Munro

I’m retired. Most of my time is mine to use as I wish. Odd, then, that I find (or carve out) so little uninterrupted time to just sit and read. I love to read. I have piles of books and magazines on end tables and nightstands and the sofa and book shelves in my office, and yet it seems a struggle to set aside a good hour to just sit with one, to start and engage and finish a story […]

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December 2020