Responding to a response to a response to a letter sent to the world

I’m not much of a social media person. I like direct contact, which is why I will fire off an e-mail note to someone whose work or other actions has been particularly impressive. I believe in saying “thanks.” When I recently read a letter to the editor in The New Yorker, I enjoyed the sentiments and felt a parallel with my own experience. So I looked up the writer, and found a web page (so old-school, right?), and (egads!) contact […]

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A fog from a fire and the fog of arrogance and the fog of incompetence and …

I love fog. I’ve got fog, but I don’t love this fog. This fog is the devil spawn of fire. Smoke, shoved west from its forest home by flames a-billion, then back east by a shift in pressure and wind. Now it’s ours to enjoy, and not so much the folks to our west. It’s rated hazardous, on the scale of deep breath-to-stop breathing. North to south, our state is ablaze. Nearly a half-million people have evacuated their homes. They […]

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The finest line

When is it abuse, and when is it guided introduction to the mysteries of life? When is it “criminal,” and when is it a rite of passage? There’s a fine line between the two. A sense of gratitude on the part of the student probably tilts the answer. Follow this link to read a recent examination of such an experience, published in The Maine Review.

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My wife’s nearly brilliant future career in futzing

My wife loves food. Cooking it, and eating it. She hates futzing, even though she’s pretty good at doing it. Expert cooks build temples to their talent — restaurants. What if expert futzers did the same thing? Elevate and celebrate the futz, and it might become a pursuit worthy of actually … pursuing. My wife’s love of food became abundantly clear after our mid-life relationship blossomed, and we graduated from home-and-away sleepovers to shared residency beneath her roof. That passion […]

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The looming threat of the DIY real estate sales person (i.e. the owner)

Some of my best friends are Realtors. I just might be less than happy if my daughter were to marry one. Had to share a link with y’all. This came to my attention, because I’ve found myself in the very interesting place of taking on a real estate sale “by owner.” Imagine that. The owner. Selling something the owner owns. Without the help of a Realtor. In doing so, I have learned that the current real estate sales model — […]

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July 2021