Yet another story has escaped the penitentiary of my hard drive

Thanks to editor Sheldon Lee Compton for sharing my story “Lost and Found” at his online literary site, Revolution John, this second-to-last day of 2020. Like all of my work, like all of any writer’s work, it begins as a spore that takes root in our brain and pushes out tendrils until it starts eating up consciousness and time and energy poured through fingers into a keyboard. Eventually, it is born. Without further nurture or a parole hearing, it will […]

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Two Hawks Quarterly features my story “Loaded”

So happy and proud that the editing team at Two Hawks Quarterly found merit in my short story “Loaded,” and have included it in the spring 2020 edition. Check it out.

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Last thoughts of persons victimized by the charitable impulse to share some scraps

On the off-chance that this document survives what now appears inevitable, I want you to know that it all occurred not out of malice, nor with any indifference to the slippery slope that begins with simple charity, but simply because we couldn’t resist feeding the little kitty. It’s not fashionable for a guy – a non-gay guy, that is – to admit having a soft spot for cats. It’s why I’ve had dogs for years. I know, the cynics among […]

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February 2021