In the land of mashed, fried and dipped, too many spuds is just an opportunity

New stories up on the webisphere. Check out “A Thing of Beauty” at the Barzakh magazine, a story that I’m quite proud of. Also, a new absurdity at the Potato Soup Journal (yes, that’s its name; got a problem with that?). It’s a fun little tale with an skewed tilt (what else, right?) and made for prime time. Read on.  Check the Writing tab to see links to more stories, if you’re tired of watching “Letterkenny” on Hulu. Was that […]

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It’s not that hard to just do nothing — and enjoy it

Even though I am what is called “retired,” my life often reflects a frenetic quality. Not yesterday. On Monday, April 12, 2021 — a day that shall go down in … well, not infamy, but perhaps novelty? — I did pretty much nothing. I sat on my ass and worked on writing projects with my laptop computer. From the minute I got up, made coffee, fed myself a warmed-over blue corn donut from Whoo’s here in Santa Fe (where my […]

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Free fiction for anyone who visits this …

blog post. That’s right, if you’re tired of paying for books and magazines, just follow this link to my most recent online publication, a short story titled “Defending the Home Front.” It appears in the most recent edition of Bending Genres magazine. Thanks to editor Robert Vaughan and fiction editor Meg Tuite for recognizing genius when they see it. The story is a whacky take on how local political disputes can lead to over-the-top escalations of response and reprisal. Have […]

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My story “Chasing the Cartoon Balloons” lands on Red Planet Magazine

Muchas gracias to editor Megan Bush for sharing the love with my fantastic flash “Chasing the Cartoon Balloons” at Red Planet Magazine. It’s … out of this world. Get a taste below and follow the link to complete.  

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Lovely to have a day to myself at Flash Fiction Magazine

Thanks to the team at Flash Fiction Magazine for the digital hug for my flashy absurdity, “Alone with Her Needs.” 

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Thank you to Montana Mouthful for sharing “Sofa 4 Free”

Thanks to Jasmine, Holly and Cari for including my work in their most recent release, thematically titled ‘Out of This World.’ It is.

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