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My name is Stuart Watson (call me Stu), and this blog is a place for me to share my writing with the world, without having to wait for the world to share its approval — or disapproval — with me.

In short, if I write it, they (whoever they are) may come.

I fell in love with poetry during college, but tilted toward daily journalism to pay the rent. My love of literature and fine writing led me to some reader appreciation, and a few regional writing awards.

Given the opportunity to write a weekly column of reflections on just about anything, I found my happy place.

These many years later, after a pot-load of freelance work and mercenary hacking to help people sell more of their product (OK, web copy, or what is now euphemistically called “content marketing”), after seven years of writing (for free) a business news blog focused on the town of Hood River and its environs in the Columbia River Gorge, after stepping earlier this year out of a decade in the restaurant business and contemplating life at semi-retirement, it seemed appropriate to use this marvelous technology to widen my view and reach.

This site is mostly for words, but you’ll find images here, too, because I love photography.

Feel free to share thoughts via e-mail. Use the link above, or type in … . stu (use the at symbol)

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