What it is

Welcome to my world. Call me Stu, although the IRS (and my wife) prefer my legal name, Stuart Watson.

This is a place for me to share my writing with the world, without having to wait for the world to share its approval — or disapproval — with me.

Having said that, I operate within the strictures of the literary publishing universe, which will not consider work first posted here.

So I will not be able to share some of my work until it has achieved some audience elsewhere. Why would I go that route, when it is so easy to just publish my work here, and let the world beat its way to my door?

Therein lies the answer. Other eyes, and other channels, promise wider engagement. It’s great marketing, to have someone else appreciate your work enough to share it with their audience.

So, you will see  poetry here, eventually, because that is the form that I am currently pushing out to that broader universe.

I fell in love with poetry during college, but tilted toward daily journalism to pay the rent. My love of literature and fine writing led me to some reader appreciation, and a few regional writing awards, for journalism, not poetry, although poetry always influenced the journalism.

These many years later, after a pot-load of freelance work and mercenary hacking to help people sell more of their product (OK, web copy, or what is now euphemistically called “content marketing”), after seven years of writing (for free) a business news blog focused on the town of Hood River and its environs in the Columbia River Gorge, after stepping in early 2015 away from a decade in the restaurant business and contemplating life at semi-retirement, it seemed appropriate to use this marvelous technology to widen my view and reach.

So I started this blog while sitting on a sunny veranda overlooking the marvelous city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

It’s strange to sit back and watch the personal transformation that has occurred since shedding many of those other commitments. Giving time to others and other things left none for what the soul desired.

Now that I’ve scraped back that time, and turned my thoughts and energies to art, I feel as if I’ve stepped into another world.

The light is different, when I view my life splintered by the prism of poetry into bright new bands of color.

I find myself walking around, thinking in verse. By choosing poetry, I have become a poet. Who’da thunk it, right?

At the same time, I have been taking time to explore visual art — sculpture, composed of found materials.

So although this site is mostly for words, you’ll find images here, too, because I love photography. Expect images, among the many, of art that now clutters my house.

Feel free to share thoughts via e-mail. Use the link above, or type in … . stu (use the at symbol) watsonx2.com

Now, let’s go have some fun.