Pedro, you’re my kind of guy

Too many people approach travel like a to-do list. Read the guidebooks and brochures. Then go, go, go. Tick them off to say you did, and … what of it? Yes, seeing the new and historic can stretch the mind a bit, but not if you have to fight your way through a throng armed to the teeth with cell phones and silliness. To illustrate, from our current visit to Portugal, Today, we rose early and scurried off by Metro […]

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Close encounters of the marvelous kind

When the world gives you rain, it also gives you museums. Who wants to be inside when the weather is glorious, no matter how glorious the weather inside? The interior of a building looks pretty much the same anywhere in the world. But if the choice is between wandering around in the dry insides, or enjoying traffic splash runoff rainwater on you as it passes, go inside. That’s what we did on our first day in Lisbon, given a steady […]

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Travel sucks, travel rocks

We slept 12 hours last night. After not sleeping at all for the previous 29. After sitting in cramped airline seats for 9 hours between Portland and Amsterdam. After blasting eastward through a truncated night and arriving in a strange land with as many signs in English as Dutch. After hanging out for five hours, most in search of an electrical plugin so we could check on the happiness of our dog back home. After arriving smoothly in Lisbon, and, […]

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April 2019