Start walking, keep walking and don’t stop walking until you are full

How can anyone experience anything of a place at the speed of auto-motion? Cars and buses are great for moving us from Point A to Point F and quickly past Points B, C, D and E. What do we know of the in-betweens after we arrive at F? “Who cares; we were going to F.” Sometimes, if we have a broken wrist and F is he hospital, we don’t give a rat’s ass about B, C, D and E. Just […]

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‘Doing nothing’ involves a whole lot of ‘something’

Of all the tasks I’ve added to my plate in the last year, none has caused me more psychic disruption than the simple act of doing nothing. I’m not even sure I know what I mean by “doing nothing.” The whole idea is oxymoronic. If I’m doing nothing — if I have turned it into a task — then I am doing something, that is, nothing. Even when I find myself in a place where I feel as if I […]

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Collectivos, buses provide cheap transit path to rich Oaxaca experience

With three weeks remaining on our two-month stay in Oaxaca, I took a collectivo out to the airport yesterday. “A what?” you ask. It’s a local transit option, a little bit taxi, a little bit bus, and a whole lot more. The driver asked me where I was going after I reached the airport, on the assumption that I must be flying. Nope, I told him, just picking up a rental car. As I spoke with him, it struck me […]

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January 2016